Primary Resources

This section provides teachers with information, ideas and inspiration to engage primary school children and further their interest and understanding of craft and design. Here sk0-004 study guide you will find links to videos, PDFs and resources for classroom based activities.  We provide supports for the delivery of the visual arts curriculum and investigate how it can be used as a tool for integrated learning.

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Latest Resources

Join Us | ReCreate

Looking for materials for your projects?

Read more here


YOUNG DESIGNERS TOOL KIT explore everyday objects from a Paper Clip, to a Clothes Peg and a Ballpoint Pen.

Create your own resin jewellery

Interactive jewellery design activity

Interactive Slip Decorator

An interactive slip decorator which allows you to create your very own design on a ceramic pot.

Ceramics : Classroom Resources

Wonderful resources aimed at introducing ceramics in a classroom setting.



An engaging short film about design

External Link

DCCOI Lesson Plan for Teachers: Clay Slab Building - Lanterns

Download the clay slab building lesson plan

DCCOI Lesson Plan for Teachers: Design Your Own Room

Download the design your own room lesson plan.

DCCOI Lesson Plan for Teachers: Feltmaking

Download the Felting Lesson Plan

DCCOI Visual Arts Lesson Plans for Teachers: Weaving

Download the weaving lesson plan

DCCOI Visual Arts Lesson Plans for Teachers: Printing and Stencilling

Download the printing and stencilling lesson plan

DCCOI Visual Arts Lesson Plans for Teachers: Mixed Media

Download the mixed media and wire lesson plan



Craft Fun with Paper

Things to make and do for adults and children using materials found at home.

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Crafty Textile Ideas

Wonderful craft activities for kids of all ages using mediums such as wood, textiles and printing.

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Paper and Textile Craftmaking

Excellent DIY activities using materials and resources which can be found in the home.

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Award Winning Craft Blog

Molly Moo is a Mums blog devoted to children’s crafts, activities, events and fab finds.

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Printing Activities

Fun ways to introduce kids to printing using toilet roll tubes, apples, fingers and of course potatoes.

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Weaving Ideas

A collection of weaving crafts, providing fine motor skill practice for little ones and opportunities for more intricate designs for older children.

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Jewellery Making

Ideas for making bracelets, necklaces and brooches that are fun to make and fun to wear.

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Clay Modelling Activities

The tactile nature of clay lets young children develop their imaginations and their motor skills while having fun.

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Glass Worksheet

Understand, discover and grasp worksheet

Download pdf here

Weaving and Jewellery Craft Making

A collection of art activities and printables designed to nurture creativity and the love for learning.

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Crayola Crafts

Colourful paper and textile craft making designed to unleash kids imaginations.

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Family Fun Activities

Magical craft ideas from ‘A Magical Childhood’ blog using everyday materials found in the home.

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Literacy & Numeracy 1.

Children from Canovee N.S. map their local area and produce 3D models, a CRAFTed initiative.

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Literacy & Numeracy 2.

See how one school developed a project with our CRAFTed initiative.

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Online Visual Learning

Visual learning with the National Galllery of Art Washington.

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Craft Ideas using Paper

Fun activities and clever crafts for children to download as PDFs and make and do at home.

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Learn with TATE

Inspiring interactive learning at the TATE museum.

External Link

Working with Textiles

Facts, interactive learning and creative play all based around the world of textiles.

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Online Museum Collection Activities

Activities based on the collections of several UK museums

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TATE for Teachers

Online resourses for both teachers and children


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Skills & Training

Information on CCoI teacher training courses.

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Students and teachers learn new skills working with professional craftspeople.

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Crazy about craft

‘Art in the Classroom’,  Irish Times Article about Craft in our Schools.

Download Word file here