How's it Made and Who Makes it ?

Meet some of today’s contemporary makers and hear first-hand accounts of craftspeople telling the story behind their creations. You will discover how things are made, canada goose chateau parkathe materials craftspeople use and where craft and new technologies intersect.

Róisín de Buitléar

Roisin de Buitlear Vedrarfjiordr glass

Róisín de Buitléar (Ireland) has a long association with Waterford Crystal, since her student days at NCAD. As a glass artist, she organised many collaborations with the factory, forming personal relationships with some of the 4000 workers, blowers, cutters, engravers and sculptors employed there. In 2009, with the help of the Crafts Council of Ireland Irish Craft Bursary, de Buitléar began investigating the history of Irish glass, and recorded oral histories of the factory workers.

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Bruce Metcalf


Bruce Metcalf, renowned jewellery designer shares his beginnings as a young designer and how he initially became attracted to this craft. He discusses his intentions for his work and, in his own words, the slow process involved in designing and producing it. He also talks about how the present market’s requirements are changing and how this could effect jewellery design and craft.

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Castle Arch Pottery


From the series, Stories in the Making. Kilkenny based, Castle Yard Pottery proprietor Ray Power explains how he came to be started out, from initially studying ceramic design, attending the CCoI business course and ultimately setting up shop. He discusses his inspiration, process for idea generation, design and production techniques.

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Frances Lambe


Frances Lambe talks to the Crafts Council of Ireland as part of our Education and Outreach programme. Frances explains how her Fathers interest in art and its influence on the direction that she would ultimately take herself. She recounts her education and how an initial career in teaching has ultimately led to her present career. Frances also discusses her ‘”visual led” inspiration in great detail and the challenges involved in exhibiting.

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Hope & Benson, Handbags


From the series, Stories in the Making. Angela Hope talks about her (co-owned) handbag label, Hope and Benson. Discussing her early drive to work in the fashion industry before deciding to concentrate on textiles and ultimately handbags, Angela explains her inspiration and creative processes.

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Alice Kettle


Alice kettle talks to the Crafts Council of Ireland as part of our Education and Outreach programme. Alice explains how she came to work in craft and art before deciding to work exclusively with textiles. She revels her process, its organic nature and the necessity to remain strong when making decisions to change the direction. Alice then presents one of her pieces of work, the subject of which is a Kilkenny Witch called Alice Kettle!

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Edmund deWaal


Ceramic artist and author Edmund de Waal gives his keynote speech, ‘Knowledge in the Making’ at the ‘Craft Concious: Re-Shaping Global Futures in the Innovation Age’, public conference in association with World Craft Council Europe at Dublin Castle in June 2011.

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Martina Hamilton, Jeweller


From the series, Stories in the Making. Martina Hamilton of jewellery brands, Cat and the Moon and Hamilton, talks about the almost accidental process that led to her becoming a craft worker. She explains how she brings one of her pieces from the initial idea through to a fully finished object.

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Ann Ryan McGree, Cards

Ni Ri Design

From the series, Stories in the Making. Ann Ryan McGree of Ni Ri Design greeting cards discusses her influences and her ambition to work in a creative field. We get to experience her process from initial idea through to design and production.

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Edward Cook, Silversmith

edward cook

From the series, Stories in the Making. Edward Cook talks about his inspiration, his initial brush with the world of jewellery and his experiences that led to his eventual career in craft metals.

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Lisa Shawgi, Knitwear


From the series, Stories in the Making. Lisa Shawgi talks about her childhood in the Sudan and the impact that this had on her knitwear designs today. She reveals some of here favorite locations to seek inspiration in Dublin and how this effects her work.

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Liz Christy, Textiles


From the series, Stories in the Making. Liz Christy from Swallow Studios tells us what inspired her to enter the word of textile design and hand weaving. From her experiences as a child watching a neighbor weave to later experiences in college and initial steps as a professional craft person. Liz explains the design, production processes and the satisfaction she gets from her chosen craft.

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Glen Lucas, Woodturner


From the series, Stories in the Making. Glenn Lucas, Woodturner discusses his background, his inspiration, and his reasons for taking up the craft of wood turning. Glen also talks about varied subjects, his contemporaries, varied work streams, the importance of design and his process.

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Wild Goose Studio


From the series, Stories in the Making. Story of the Kinsale, Co. Cork based, Wild Goose Studio, from its inception in 1969 to the present day. A look at their process from initial idea generation through design and into production and finishing. Narated by Jamie McCarthy Fisher.

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